Slytherin Common Room


Welcome to the Slytherin Common Room. This chamber is submerged under the Black Lake, and the cold, blue-green light from the windows ripples on the walls, undulating with movement. The fire in the grate is largely ineffective against the chill, but it’s crackle is a distraction from the silence in this underwater dungeon. Your studious classmates chase away sleep with a strong brew, their spoons clinking against the porcelain cups. The smell of coffee competes with the distinctive odor of Slytherin House, a mixture of peppermint, wintergreen, and pine with damp, earthy undertones. Despite the chilly air and the stiff, formal furnishings, you find yourself drowsy after hours of attention to the history of magic. Do your best to remain awake – the Slytherin Common Room is known to be a favorite haunt of the Bloody Baron, who takes evil pleasure in terrorizing inattentive students!

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