Slow and steady…a monitor verifies the patient’s heartbeat. The rhythmic drone is reassuring, communicating that all is well. As you sit here quietly with your loved one, you observe the busy-ness of caregiving. There are so many details! Sterile supplies are unpacked and refilled, charts are updated, housekeeping is performed, phones ring at the nursing station down the hall. Nearby, you overhear doctors discussing a case, and a gentle nurse assisting a respiratory patient. The atmosphere is calm, orderly, and efficient. Rest assured, the patients are in good hands.

This Sound Machine is perfect for helping babies fall asleep and stay asleep. Studies have shown that the classic “shhh” sound is comforting to infants, as it mimics the resonance of the blood flowing through the mother’s body while the baby is in the womb. Our Sound Machine combines “shhh” with gentle white noise in the background to aid with sleep and mask any distracting sounds.

The human heartbeat. Symbolic of the essence of life; the spark at the core of humanity. Timeless, yet intimately present. The continuous, pulsing rhythm is steady, secure, stable. Be comforted by the deep reverberation that connects us to one another.

The first stirrings of life. A quick heartbeat, strong and steady. Vitally connected, at one with its mother but still an individual. Every need satisfied, safe in a snug, warm, fluid environment. Dreaming of the day that it will emerge from the protective cocoon to become someone’s beloved. But for now, remain nurtured in the womb, sheltered and shielded from harm, floating in a state of pure bliss.

Being away from your usual environment can make it difficult to fall and stay asleep. Return to the comforting ambiance of your own bed laying next to your partner while gentle rain falls outside the window. The familiar sounds of deep, rhythmic breathing, the rustle of the sheets, the occasional sigh or cough – the noises of repose can signal your brain that it’s time to drift off. Stretch out, relax into your pillow, and let the sounds of rest wash over you. Calm, peaceful sleep will soon follow.

Sleep Troubles?

You aren't alone! Between 30%-45% of the global adult population struggles with insomnia. Our Sound Machines have helped tens of millions of people fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake more rested.


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