An early morning mist hangs in the air, diffusing the sunlight barely peeking through the trees. That doesn’t dampen the spirits of our feathered friends. Sitting beside this pristine river, we hear them calling out to one another, joyfully greeting the new day. This bubbling water brings life to the woodland animals, to the trees, to the velvety green mosses growing all around. Quiet your mind; absorb the river’s energy. Let it fill you with peace, with strength, and with gratitude.

These handcrafted chimes are precisely tuned to four scales that correspond with the elements: terra (earth), aqua (water), aria (air), and ignis (fire). They are constructed of bamboo resonance tubes with multiple metal plates suspended inside. When struck or moved by a breeze, they produce a harmonious combination of sounds that provides a warm, rich ambience. Frequently used for sound healing and meditation, Koshi chimes are said to bring positive energy to heal the body by creating a multidimensional vibration that surrounds the physical body and enters the energy body through sound.

Evening has arrived, bringing with it an unforgettable nocturnal chorus. Croaking frogs deliver the bassline, while crickets and cicadas provide percussion. Night birds warble, but it is the majestic owl that takes center stage. Guardians of the darkness, owls symbolize inner wisdom, transformation, and luck. Their deep-throated call-and-response lends a haunting top note to the forest song.

Allow the tones of the chimes to speak to your soul. The wind in the trees to calm your spirit. Each note is different; each one is beautiful. Listen to the top note as a chime is struck; savor the reverberation as it slowly fades. Some tones are low and resonant, while others are bright and quick. This is a completely random combination of notes; varied, melodic, and pleasant. Take delight in this presentation.

The desert comes alive at night! When the heat of the day has passed, nocturnal creatures come out to sing their eternal songs. Crickets, cicadas, and night birds of all kinds send their praise to the vast, star-filled sky. In the distance, a horned owl calls out for its mate. Underscoring it all, the persistent rush of the warm desert wind sends dry brush skittering across the sands. It is a timeless cycle endlessly repeated, yet unique and beautiful every night.

The sonorous rumble of the vast universe offers a balanced space for contemplation or meditation. Allow yourself to soar uninhibited in the deepest realms of the cosmos.

Rustling leaves toss at your feet as you take in the sights and smells of autumn all around you. You put on a light jacket to shield you from the cool wind blowing through the trees. You hear birds singing in the distance as you watch a gentle stream that flows nearby. Fall is finally here.

Water trickles down a bamboo fountain while a gentle stream flows nearby. Birds sing softly between seldomly heard wooden chimes and old oak trees creaking in the passing wind.

A soft breeze rustles the leaves overhead, while all around the rattle of cicadas floats like a mist. This gentle cloud of sound envelopes the forest in a hypnotic trance. Birdsong can be heard in the distance, but the insistent hum of cicadas calls you to the present moment, then drops you back into contemplation. It is calming, grounding; an eternal cycle as old as time itself.

Close your eyes and listen to the swamp sonata. Flowing water creates a gentle background tempo. Baritone frogs provide the bassline; crickets and cicadas deliver a chirping counterpoint. Feathered divas chime in, warbling and tweeting their solos. Let the music of nature soothe your soul.

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