It’s a quiet night, and there is nothing that needs your attention. You are free to luxuriate in the tranquility of this moment. Outside, crickets compete for attention with the raindrops tapping on the windowpanes. Distant thunder punctuates the cloudburst, a reminder that you are inside, cozy and dry. The fragrant wood crackles and snaps, releasing its warmth in an amber glow. You are calm, content, and relaxed. Soak in the serenity.

Rain pounds insistently in the concrete jungle, making the streets slick and shiny. Thunder rolls among the tall buildings, booming and echoing, creating an invisible atmospheric river. A huge, gray cloud moves near. Pierced by the tallest skyscraper, it unleashes an angry torrent that floods the avenues below. Tucked away in your safe space, you watch with childlike curiosity as the storm advances, secure in the knowledge that no harm will come to you. You are simply an observer, appreciating the show.

Others may lament this soggy day, but not you! Nestled, warm and dry, under this protective tarp, you are in love with the sound of the rain dancing overhead. The individual droplets are tapping out a rhythm just for you. In the clouds, far away thunder rolls, punctuating the liquid serenade with its distant swagger. The combination is strangely energizing yet soothing – all elements are in balance.

The sound of rain seems so mundane. But pay attention to the different tones! Big, fat drops splatter onto the windshield. Small, delicate droplets make a hollow plink as they strike the metal trim. You can even hear the individual drips running across the side windows. Safe, warm, and dry, you are fortunate to be here now, tuned into the infinite variety. Relax as you enjoy this exquisite experience.

Rain falls in a steady stream, dripping from the eaves and sliding down the windowpanes. The whirling, swirling wind whips itself into a frenzy. It rattles the leaves of the trees outside, and rushes around the corners of the house, making quite a ruckus. Yet all is peaceful inside. Safe in your sturdy abode, you remain at ease, delighting in the wild gusts until the storm is exhausted.

Riding in a car during a rainstorm can be so calming. Securely snuggled into the passenger seat, you relax in the epicenter of activity. Raindrops pound on the metal roof mere inches from your ears. Inside your cozy shell, you are attuned to the commotion around you – the rhythmic slap of the wipers on the windshield, the reassuring hum of the engine, the changing intensity of the storm itself. You are in the thick of it, yet none of it threatens you. Safe and dry, you simply appreciate the raw beauty of the experience.

Roaring winds drive the icy flakes, forcing them into every crack and crevice. Swirling flurries of snow move in all directions, coating the landscape with white. Despite the fury of the storm outside, you are feeling calm and comforted. The squall whispers to you – shh, shh, shh. It is futile to resist; instead, go inside yourself and welcome the instinctive wisdom the storm brings.

Sheltered from the tempest by the sturdy wooden beams of the roof, you take delight in this powerful storm. Wrapped in a thick, cozy, quilt, the porch swing swaying gently, you savor the energy of the storm swirling around you. Sheets of rain, propelled by rolling thunder, fall insistently. The thunder, still off in the distance, undulates toward you in waves. You receive its strength, storing it for the future.

Our beloved Brown Noise combined with heavy, constant rainfall.

Our beloved Pink Noise combined with heavy, constant rainfall.

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