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Our listener’s trust is everything to us, and advertising only products that are genuine value-adds to them is something we never compromise on. That means that as a partner, you have access to hundreds of thousands of ears, every day, who listen with intent to our advertisements that address pain points in their lives. We work diligently to ensure our partnerships are win-win-wins for you, for us, and for our listeners!


If you’re a brand interested in placing an ad on the show, or another podcast looking to swap promo spots, let’s connect! Would love to chat more about the opportunity to partner together!

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Let’s Connect!

Have a recommendation for a Sound Machine you can’t live without? I love listener suggestions and they are the biggest influence on what I release next. Interested in being a sponsor of the show? Want to attempt to convince me that Michael Jackson isn’t the greatest entertainer of all time (don’t even try, your efforts are futile)? Drop me a line and let’s chat!

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