Our beloved Brown Noise combined with a soothing hailstorm and thunder.

Our beloved Pink Noise combined with a soothing hailstorm and thunder.

Our beloved Pink Noise combined with a soothing hailstorm and thunder.

Roaring winds drive the icy flakes, forcing them into every crack and crevice. Swirling flurries of snow move in all directions, coating the landscape with white. Despite the fury of the storm outside, you are feeling calm and comforted. The squall whispers to you – shh, shh, shh. It is futile to resist; instead, go inside yourself and welcome the instinctive wisdom the storm brings.

Slow down and unwind as you listen to water bubbling over smooth stones. The timeless flow holds you spellbound; it is simultaneously monotonous and varied. Relax your attention and allow the soothing rhythm to wash over you.

As day transitions into night, the lake becomes a hub of activity. Tiny frogs plop into the water, adult ravens goad the young ones back to the nest, songbirds bid farewell to the fading sun. Rising above the rippling water, the loon’s mournful wail dominates it all. This solitary bird symbolizes tranquility, serenity, and the reawakening of hope. Hooting and yodeling, the loon gently guides us into sleep, encouraging us to follow our dreams, wishes, and desires.

Your body sways gently with the motion of the train. Outside the window, your surroundings are obscured by inky blackness. Lights rush by as you come to a rural crossing, signals clanging to warn of the train’s swift passage. The grounded noise of the wheels changes to a metallic jangle as the coach crosses a trestle. Drowsy from the rhythmic sway, you hear the train’s whistle. It sounds far away, a soft, lonely wail. You feel protected in the train car; confident that when you awake, you will have arrived safely at your destination.

Evening has arrived, bringing with it an unforgettable nocturnal chorus. Croaking frogs deliver the bassline, while crickets and cicadas provide percussion. Night birds warble, but it is the majestic owl that takes center stage. Guardians of the darkness, owls symbolize inner wisdom, transformation, and luck. Their deep-throated call-and-response lends a haunting top note to the forest song.

Sheltered from the tempest by the sturdy wooden beams of the roof, you take delight in this powerful storm. Wrapped in a thick, cozy, quilt, the porch swing swaying gently, you savor the energy of the storm swirling around you. Sheets of rain, propelled by rolling thunder, fall insistently. The thunder, still off in the distance, undulates toward you in waves. You receive its strength, storing it for the future.

Soothing waves roll placidly toward the shore. Small pebbles and shells tumble effortlessly, pushed by the frothy water. Industrious hermit crabs scuttle along the shoreline as the water retreats. Ducking into their shells when the next lazy wave arrives, they are swept along with the tide, content to ride the current. There is no urgency; it doesn’t matter where they land. Just flow with the rhythm of life.

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